Throwin’ Stones

I’ve been watching how the US Presidential race has been developing with more and more interest recently. This is something that we should all be doing, especially in light of the current economic conditions that the world is faced with and not forgetting the state of things in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other sensitive spots.

I am concerned that if the Republican’s (McCain and Palin this time) get back in then the world will become a seriously scary place. McCain is a Bush clone and will no doubt continue with similar economic policies (i.e. those designed to benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor) and there is no telling where his foreign policies might lead – open conflict with Iran would be my bet. I am even more concerned that if McCain and Palin get in that McCain could shuffle off this mortal coil leaving power in the hands of a evangelical creationist with potentially apocalyptical tendencies – someone who might be happy to hasten us all over the brink in an unblinking, headlong rush to embrace her god.

With luck things won’t come to that because the Republicans have started to do what they do best (and what Lee Atwater did time and time again) by playing dirty. It seems that American politics is about playing the man rather than the ball. If you have nothing to say on the issues and your opponent does, then drag up something from his past to smear him with. If you can’t find anything real to smear him with then make something up and drop vague hints to a greedy pack of newshounds. If someone calls you on your claim then just lie and make out that you never said any such thing. If you can get the President to lie in your stead then so much the better. Check out Dirty Tricks: The Man Who Got The Bushes Elected on the BBC iPlayer in the event that you don’t believe me.

At least nowadays the Democrats bite back when faced with these tactics. Of course a descent into such tit-for-tat does not make the political world any better.

But then, what would improve something that is essentially no-expenses-spared power-grab?

Anyone for cynisicm and coffee?


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