How To Cheat Successfully

I just watched Celtic get beaten by Villareal. It wasn’t a great game and the final score was Villareal 1, Celtic 0. This is not a good result as it means that to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champion’s League Celtic will probably need to win their next two games – back-to-back games against Manchester United. Oh, dear!

However, I have finally figured something out. If Celtic are to get past their travel sickness problem and start winning away games in Europe, they are going to have to cheat. Villareal cheated extensively tonight and were helped by some very poor refereeing – at times it seemed as if Villareal’s Marcos Senna was actually refereeing the game. Every time a Villareal player was tackled or touched he flung himself to the ground as if shot. And just about every time the ref fell for it. On the other hand, Celtic players were tackled but then got up and kept going and as a result there were several times when the ref waved play on when Celtic should have had a free kick.

Admittedly, Senna’s goal was well taken. However, the free kick from which he scored the goal was undeserved and was awarded following a dive that would not have looked out of place in a swimming pool.

If continental players sissies are going to fall down so easily and be so well rewarded for their antics then it’s time Scottish players learned the lesson – if you cheat, you win games.

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