Fear Of A Blank Planet

There’s a lot on the intertube at the moment about the US elections (no surprise there) and a lot of it is pointing out how ill-suited Sarah Palin is to the office she may be elected to, i.e. Vice President. But what scares the crap out of me (and many other voices on the web) is the even scarier prospect of her becoming President.

Here is just one of the scary videos to be found out there:

Do a bit of googling or youtubeing and you’ll very easily find more stuff about her and her lack of experience. You’ll also find lots of god-botherer footage of her, encouraging people to pray for success in Eye-raq because the invasion of that country was god’s plan and other such madness.

Things are bad enough at the moment thanks to the actions of the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I dread to think how bad things could become if someone who is even less intellectually gifted and even more fundamentalist than Dubya was to take charge.

My apologies to the magnificent Porcupine Tree for using a song title of theirs for this post but it seems all too relevant, even though the song’s subject matter refers to something different.

Maybe a more relevant reference are the following lines from the even more magnificent “Harvest Of Souls” by IQ:

The sky lights up above America
The world is lost but loves America
When the eyes of children
See the ones left standing
And the rest begin to finally understand
The hand of God defends America
And who would not defend America?

We’ve got light on our side
We ring pole position
So praise the Lord
And raise the ammunition high
Raise it high

Hide where you can
We will shoot you where you stand

Even though Peter Nicholls never intended those lyrics as any form of political statement.


One thought on “Fear Of A Blank Planet

  1. Yip scary stuff I commented somewhere? a few weeks ago that some people did not realise that if “old oven chips” kicked his clogs not only would she be the president-ess but also commander in chief.

    david southwell has written an interesting wee piece about her in his blog (there is a link button on my page) that I read tonight 🙂

    btw also like your current top post 🙂

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