Beat Box Guitar

It was my birthday recently and below is a picture of one of my pressies. It’s a Zoom G1X effects pedal (with built-in expression pedal) and it produces a very tasty range of sounds.

Zoom G1X Effects Pedal

Zoom G1X Effects Pedal

There is a built in set of effects presets which emulate a range of different amps as well as the guitar sounds created and used by various guitarists from Adrian Belew to Angus Young via David Gilmour, Steve Lukather, and Tom Morello. You can use these as a starting point and edit them or you can create and store a range of your own effects. The unit also features a drum-machine and guitar tuner. There is also a headphone socket allowing you to play without disturbing the rest of the household (or the neighbours) too much.

The expression pedal is really useful as it can be programmed to dynamically change an effect by increasing the volume, changing pitch, adding more reverb, delay or whatever.

All in all, this pedal is excellent value for money, is compact, fairly easy to use and can be powered either by battery or by mains power – extra value is added as a mains adaptor is included in the package (unlike many other pedals I’ve used in the past).


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