Anyone Can Play Guitar

Whilst stumbling around the interweb recently, I found my way to a page on the Gibson web site that gave the spec for their X-plorer guitar:

Gibson Explorer

Gibson Explorer

I’ve long admired Gibson guitars, despite being disappointed by a Gibson Les Paul** (a top of the range Traditional) that I actually got a chance to play but then, it had been seriously adapted to suit the playing style of it’s owner. So I’ve often thought about how cool it would be to own one. Of course, money was always a barrier to owning a Gibson as they ain’t cheap. Though when I was younger, and a bit more flush, I came close to buying a Les Paul Studio model which I found on sale (in Edinburgh, I think). On that occasion I ended up buying a Patrick Eggle Berlin guitar exactly like the one pictured on this page*** (the 1994 Patrick Eggle Berlin Stage). Now that was a really nice guitar…

So why am I writing all this to accompany a picture of a Gibson X-plorer? Well, why not? I think the X-plorer looks very sharp and if I had the money I’d buy one. So there!

** Coincidentally the Wikipedia page about the Les Paul came up during the same stumble.

*** I’ll have to revisit the Guitar page on Delphiness later and try out the approach to guitar scales outlined there. Despite having played guitar since my teens I’ve never yet bothered to learn my scales properly. How bad is that?


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