So the Bradford & Bingley building society is to be nationalised!

I am so pleased to hear that yet more of the British tax-payer’s money is being used to prop up another ailing financial institution that has gotten into a mess as a result of it’s own ineptitude and greed!

I trust that means that we can all look forward to receiving some nice fat share-holder bonuses in the future?

And, yippee, isn’t also good to know that Abbey have bought part of the Bradford & Bingley. I’m sure that Tory goof, and supposed Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne was crowing about how good it was that a British company was involved in the take over. Aye, right. A British company that is in turn owned by the Spanish bank Santander!

Well, quite. The French are moving to take control of our power industry and the Spanish our financial system. They may have failed to conquer us in in the past but now they’re being given the green light to stealithily take us over slice-by-slice!

And in the mean time, the banks and finance companies still haven’t learned their lesson! Just the other day, I received a letter from a credit card company which informed me that, because I’m a good little customer (just cleared a balance) they’re delighted to increase my credit limit by a further 10%!!!

I need a graphic featuring a toilet bowl, a pound sign and a map of the UK. Can anyone help?



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