Where Fishes Go

I was watching the report on last night’s news about how Scottish fishermen are dumping £40 million of fish each year. The thought occurred to me: what the hell are these people playing at?

The fish is having to be dumped because they are catching more than their quota allows. The fish stocks in and around the UK – and indeed in the rest of the world – are seriously depleted. Is it really so difficult to grasp the idea that if we keep fishing and keep being so wasteful there will be no fish left!

I know that it is difficult and dangerous to earn a living as a fisherman. I know that livelihoods are at stake. But this kind of reckless waste is merely hastening the demise of the industry and the exhaustion of an irreplacable food source! Then where will we all be – the fishermen will be jobless and there’ll be no fish on Friday!

During the report it was also stated that a plan to address the situation was to be progressed in Europe and that this plan had the backing of environmentalists. They then cut to an interview segment with a spokeswoman from the RSPB??? Presumably she was representing their flying fish division!!!



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