There Is More To This World

I’m sure that many people have now heard of the monument to ignorance that is the Creation Museum. Well, the UK has it’s very own museum of lunacy in the form of the Genesis Expo – which I found my way to via this BBC article.

I’ve had a look through some of the Genesis Expo site and was going to tear into some of the nonsense that is presented as “science” by creationists in order to give credence to their belief that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old. But, you know what, it wouldn’t be worth the effort. You could spend years presenting such people with the evidence that has been amassed in favour of evolution in the 150 years since On The Origin Of Species. You could drive a fleet of super-tankers through the holes in their Great Flood explanation for the fossil record and accumulation of sedimentary layers. But their brand of dogma is so entrenched that they will never be convinced to even peep over the parapet of their bible-is-the-inerrant-word-of-god world-view.

And that’s the thing that is so annoying about creationists – they shout about a great debate between creationism and evolution (or between religion and science) but when it comes right down to it, they will not debate! Instead the grab their bible and say that it is the literal word of god, that as such it can’t be wrong and that what it says goes. It really is the religious equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and going nah-nah-nah-nah.

The other thing that is annoying, that is utterly criminal in fact, is the contention that – as claimed by Greg Haslam of Westminster Chapel:

The materialist explanation of the creation has nothing to offer – if we came from nothing and go into nothing, then that encourages people to lead reckless and materialistic lifestyles. Evolution is a world-view that leads to futility. It’s no wonder people are dissatisfied with it.

I would much rather live a “reckless and materialistic” life – i.e. make the most of my time alive – rather than be seduced by false promises of a better life to come. If more people accepted that life on earth is not a precursor to a fairytale existence in the sky, then perhaps real progress could be made towards making living life on earth better for everyone!


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