Happiness Is The Road

It’ll be interesting to see how things go when Marillion make their next album available as free download via various file-sharing networks.

I was a huge fan of Marillion back in the Fish-age but they’ve dropped down my listening list since then – though I’ve still bought all their studio albums. I rate This Strange Engine as one of the finest prog-rock albums ever and Season’s End and Brave as very good albums but I just couldn’t get into their most recent, Somewhere Else, at all.

No doubt I’ll get hold off Happiness Is The Road when it comes out as a download and see how it stacks up.


2 thoughts on “Happiness Is The Road

  1. I agree with you about Somewhere Else. Didn’t like this one at all – in my view the worst Marillion album ever. Got “Happiness is the road” recently and saw the band live in London a few days ago – fantastic gig, although they didn’t play anything from before “Brave”. Still the new album sees a return to the old vintage Marillion. It’s good to see them still going strong after all these years, especially when they were written off as a lost cause after the departure of Fish.

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