Fido, Tideland And 10,000 BC

Watched a few more movies recently:

Fido – deliciously black comedy about a fifties world in the aftermath of the Zombie Wars. The zombies have all been tamed by the collar developed by ZomCon which allows them to be used as servants. Everyone has one apart from the Robinson’s. Enter Billy Connolly as Fido and the chaos begins!

Tideland – very unsettling movie from Terry Gilliam. Surreal, told through the eyes of a child and with a childlike perspective this one is guaranteed to make you uncomfortable. It tells the macabre story of Jeliza Rose who is left abandoned in rural Texas when her father dies from a drugs overdose.

10,000 BC – pre-historic fantasy epic that mixes primitive man, viking-like slave traders, and ancient Egyptian architects into an acceptable stew with a side order of CGI mammoths and a sabre-tooth tiger. Popcorn at the ready!


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