Outside The Wall

To see the picture from which I’ve extracted my latest header in more detail, click the image below.

3 thoughts on “Outside The Wall

  1. Hi Alex,

    don’t know if it’s a Mac glitch, but the new header photo, which I like, seems to have hidden the blog title. ‘Tear down the wall!’ (to continue the PF theme).


  2. Hi Iain,

    It’s actually a feature of the new theme that I’ve chosen for the blog. It allows the title to be hidden which I decided to do because it obscures too much of the header image when shown. The ‘blog’ tab acts as a route back to the front page instead.

    Cheers and all the best,

  3. Hi Alex,
    I did on reflection wonder if you’d set it up like that, for the very reason you say. You get the blog title at the top of the window, in any case, and the header on the page becomes literally ‘a view from the West’.

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