The X-Files: I Want To Believe

I went to see The X-Files: I Want To Believe with my wife towards the end of last week. It was a matinee show, so there was only a handful of other people there. I’ve always preferred it when the cinema is quiet like that, it means there are fewer distractions – no rustling of sweetie wrappers, no idiots chattering, etc.

This one plays like an extended episode from the series but works well as a stand-alone story. There is some reference to past occurrences in Mulder and Scully’s relationship in order to establish how it has reached the stage it is at now and mention is also made of Mulder’s sister (though I feel that one has become a bit cliched now). Some new ground is covered and some new character’s are introduced so there is also enough to keep those who are new to the franchise interested. So there’s enough there to keep everyone happy(ish).

The plot relies on character development and keeping you guessing to move things along as well as offering some thought provoking, if gruesome, subject matter. There was less action than I expected and less use of obvious CGI effects but the effects used are very effective and very realistic, one or two of them being quite stomach-turning.

If you pay attention, it shouldn’t take too much effort to piece together the mystery at the heart of this story and also to predict some of the twists. Despite that I enjoyed watching but felt there was something missing, or maybe it’s just that I expected more having followed Mulder and Scully since the pilot episode hit small screens in the UK way back in 1994.

Overall this one’s worth seeing but will appeal more to existing fans looking for a fix now that the series is long finished. Check it out by all means but there are other movies out there that perhaps deserve your attention first.


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