Mamma Mia!

Been away for a bit so there’s a bit of catching up to do and I’ll start by posting about the movies I watched at the cinema during the last week. The first of which was Mamma Mia!

This isn’t a movie that falls within my normal viewing so I had one or two reservations about going to see it. However we turned it into a family outing and a very enjoyable one it turned out to be too.

The plot (which you can read about here – in the unlikely event that you don’t already know it) was fairly straightforward and allowed room for a range of comic misunderstandings. The interplay between the main characters (who were all very good though Pierce Brosnan is clearly not a singer!) was very good and there were plenty of one-liners and visual gags. Meryl Streep gave the best performance and pretty much stole the show, though Julie Walters and Christine Baranski provided excellent support – Baranski’s performance during Does Your Mother Know was very funny indeed as was Walter’s cavorting about to Take A Chance On Me.

The locations chosen for shooting the film were very striking and gave it a real summer feel. This helped add to the party atmosphere evoked by the upbeat songs.

The songs performances clearly weren’t as good as the originals – my youngest daughter quickly spotted that it wasn’t actually ABBA singing and wanted to know when they were going to do a song. I reckon it’s always a risky business getting actors to perform such well known songs but for the most part (Pierce Brosnan clearly being the exception – he really can’t sing!) this cast did a good job. Watch out for Colin Firth camping it up during the version of Waterloo that plays when the closing credits start to roll.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Mamma Mia! despite my initial reservations about going and recommend it as a fun film for all the family. Be warned though, there are a few adult jokes to watch out for – especially if your kids are very inquisitive and have sharp hearing!



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