Split Open And Melt

I note from the following articles that there are ongoing rumbles of discontent within the ranks of the Anglican Church:

The former case is causing great upset for the less moderate African members of the church and the latter seems to be setting them on a collision course with the Pope.

All we need now is for someone to pop up and suggest that the Anglicans could one day be led by a gay woman who legally became a man following hormone treatment and who subsequently gave birth! I reckon that would create enough of a schism to launch the molten fragments clean into orbit.

A few years ago you’d have thought it unlikely to find such a person. But I think we all know about Thomas Beatie by now.

Perhaps the fictional (so far) headline Gay Sex Change Vicar In Mercy Dash To Palace may yet find itself marching toward the front page of one of our beloved tabloid red tops!


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