Convenience (Clean And Easy)

As is being reported around the blogosphere (by Silversprite, Bluewave, Hebrides News, the Gazette, and Boxes & Bellows), Tesco have now arrived in Stornoway.

Woo-hoo! They’ve got to be better than the Co-op which I’ve always found to be lacking in quality and very short of the community spirit that many say they possess. In fact whilst waiting for Tesco to open I’ve had to visit the Co-op a few times and found it to be poorly stocked (with a range that seems focused on junk and convenience rather than anything else).

I wandered into their store at lunchtime yesterday and bought myself a rather nice southern-fried chicken wrap. Unlike the massed crowds, I didn’t spend any time investigating the rest of the shop (the sandwiches and stuff are conveniently located right by the door) but it looked very neat and tidy, and the shelves looked to be pretty well stocked.

My wife had a more in depth look yesterday evening when she went in to a bigger shop and came away quite happy. It was still very busy in-store so I don’t think she got as good a look round has hoped for but it looks promising.

At this early stage it’s hard to say how prices will compare between our two supermarkets but I imagine there will be a lot of common ground and I certainly hope that there will now be some serious competition and lower prices across the board!


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