The Voice Of Revolution

It’s nice to see that Gordon Brown is getting behind the move to incite a “green car revolution“. But I think he’s missing a thing or two.

If the UK government is “working towards a situation where electric-powered cars could be charged in thousands of streets” how will the vast quantity of electricity required to charge these cars be generated?

Also when we’ve all moved to low carbon emission and electric cars (which will all qualify for greatly reduced road tax, I assume) what will replace the revenue stream generated by the road tax from today’s petrol-guzzling, high carbon emission cars?

I’m sure that he has answers to these questions but I wonder if his answers are ones that we’ll like. Nuclear power and some kind of electricity tax? Or will the NIMBYs be happy to see vast swathes of countryside disappear beneath a forest of wind turbines?


Obviously we need to make a move away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible but I can’t help thinking that those who are in a position to really engineer change just ain’t smart enough to make it work. And, the rest of us are too fond of our electric comforts to accept and make the changes to our way of life that are necessary!


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