Run To The Hills

The last few days have been pretty busy and so I haven’t had time to post. So I’ll start with a quick update on the running front.

Things are going pretty well despite me making the mistake of including a downhill-uphill section in my last outing. The run took me down then up the contours of the sloping banks of our local ‘river’ and I had to renegotiate the same slopes on my way back.

Hills are NO FUN!

I hope that is just because I’m still fairly new to this running lark and that hills will become less of an issue as I get better and fitter. Anyway, the thing that struck me most about this experience was that running downhill was harder than going up. On the downslope (which is fairly steep) I found that I kept having to check my momentum and that put quite a bit of strain on my thigh muscles. Going up the other side, it was easier to shorten my stride and take it easy but it still took quite a bit more effort than running on the flat.

I think I’ll leave hills out of the equation for another couple of weeks.

As they say, you live and learn 🙂


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