People Of The South Wind

Well there’s a surprise! The Scottish First Muppet is trumpeting the go ahead for the Clyde wind farm which will be located in South Lanarkshire. He’s holding this up as evidence of the Scottish Parliament’s commitment to renewable energy because of the massive contribution it will make to meeting the target of obtaining 31% of Scotland’s power from renewables by 2011 and 50% by 2020. You can read the Scottish Government press release here.

I don’t suppose it’s worth pointing out that this development will not generate as much electricity as the one the Muppets knocked back because of its allegedly detrimental impact on the environment? Or that the one they knocked back would make a bigger contribution to the renewables target?

Of course not!

And why not?

Well I can only speculate about this but the proximity of developments such as Whitelee, Griffin and now Scottish Southern’s Clyde to the central belt of Scotland is perhaps more than a little relevant, no? Or am I just being too cynical?



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