Celtic Sign Samaras

I see there have been some interesting developments on the football front.

Georgios Samaras has put pen to paper and signed a 3 year deal with Celtic. I know that his Manchester City career was hardly a great success but he scored some important goals during his four month stint with Celtic last season and showed some flair and hints of ability whilst doing so. I reckon that he may be a better fit for Celtic and that he will certainly place some pressure on the established front pairing of Hesselink and Macdonald – nothing inspires strikes like competition for a place in the starting line up.

Also, the BBC Gaelic channel (Gaelic Digital Service) will show full coverage of an SPL match each Saturday evening for the next two seasons. Even though these games will be shown about 3 hours after the final whistle they’ll be a good alternative to waiting for highlights that won’t be shown until the Monday after the games. Hopefully they will get a good mix of games to show rather then the usual focus on the Old Firm – though I won’t complain too much if there is an Old Firm bias 😉


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