No Pain, No Gain

Or at least that is what people say.

And at the moment I tend to believe them! 😦

Following my first run-walk session the other evening, I am now feeling a bit of pain and tightness in my thigh muscles. Especially when going down stairs. They also start to ache a bit when I’ve been walking – I went for a brisk walk at lunch time today – which does not bode well for my planned second run-walk this evening.

I’ve been doing a bit of stretching to loosen things up and that seems to be helping but I don’t know if it will help enough for me to go out this evening. But I am determined to keep going now that I’ve started. So I may put the next session off until tomorrow evening or I may opt for a different approach and just go for a gentle jog around the loop of road that rings our part of the village. The loop isn’t that big but then it’s not that short distance-wise either. If nothing else taking this option would give me a chance to gauge that distance better and set an initial time for running it so that I can use it to test how my performance improves over time.


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