Running Hard

Well what do you know? I actually did it!

At 8:20 this evening, I set off on my first ‘run’. I was aiming to match the Runner’s World schedule I mentioned earlier, which consisted of 8 repetitions of running for 60 seconds then walking for 90 seconds (20 minutes in total). Unfortunately I didn’t manage to hit that target 😦 but I did manage to do 6 repetitions and I’m pretty damn pleased with myself 😎

It was hard work and I maybe didn’t pace myself as well as I should but I’m proud of myself. Just to have gotten up off my butt and made a start feels good. And 6 minutes of running plus 9 minutes of brisk walking fairly got the old ticker going as well as working up something of a sweat. It should have burned a few calories too.

As a result of all this activity I feel really good – though my legs feel just a little rubbery. I suspect I may pay for this tomorrow but I’ll keep telling myself that it’s worth it.

All being well, I’ll go for my second outing on Thursday evening and I think I’ll stick with trying to emulate the 6 repetitions I managed today. If I can do that another 3 or 4 times I can go for 8 repetitions and pick up the schedule from there.

3 thoughts on “Running Hard

  1. Do you run along the main road, or is there a handy peat road? My mother always said that the reason – apart from the weather – that she and my father didn’t do more exercise, in the form of going for a walk, was that people would think they were peculiar, just going for a walk for no reason, and would stop to offer them a lift. Counter-intuitively, they got more exercise down here in the city, where we pounded the pavements a lot, than at home in the country, where they drove everywhere.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys!


    There are a few peat roads in the area but I’ve just gone for running along the main road for the time being. The peat roads are very rough and pot-holed. As I build up my stamina, I’m hoping to go for runs through the Castle Grounds.

    I know what you mean about your folks – we tend to have to drive a lot too being 18 miles from town. However, we try not to worry too much about being peculiar and go for regular walks round the village. No one has stopped to offer us a lift…yet.


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