I’m Running

Another of last weeks developments was that, after thinking about it for a few weeks, I used a shopping trip to the Silverburn shopping centre in Glasgow to buy myself a pair of Asics GEL-Virage running shoes. Having also bought shorts and stuff I now have all the bits and pieces needed to start running in order to try and improve my abysmal fitness level.

Following up on a friend’s recommendation, I found an article on Runner’s World which gives a beginner’s schedule intended to get your running lifestyle started by getting you “From nought to 30 minutes in 8 weeks“. It suggests a manageable schedule of run-then-walk repetitions that even an unfit lump like myself should be able to stick to. All I need now is to actually get started.

And, with any luck, that will be this evening. I say with any luck because the weather up here hasn’t been that great for the last day or so (lots of wind and rain) but today the sun as come out and there’s just a gentle breeze. So, if the rain stays away, I’ll get off my ass and go on my first run/walk session this evening.

I’ll post on how things progress over the coming weeks.


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