Piper Alpha

I remember the Piper Alpha disaster all too well. Like Iain, it coincided with my graduation from college. However that is not the main reason that I remember it.

A friend’s father was killed in the disaster and that shook me and my group of college friends quite badly. However, a memory that always brings the whole Piper Alpha tragedy home is remembering how we gathered round a pay-phone in college to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to our friend’s father. That’s a memory I expect I’ll have for as long as memory lasts.

I only hope that something like Piper Alpha never happens again and that the safety lessons really have been learned and applied. Especially now that demand for oil is now greater than supply and it seems that we may have passed the point referred to as peak oil. What lengths will we go to in the coming years to squeeze every last drop of liquid gold from the ground? And how far will we push the safety envelope whilst pursuing that goal?


One thought on “Piper Alpha

  1. Hi Alex,
    funnily enough, I remembered you had that personal connection (I think I met the friend in question at your flat); I didn’t think it was my place to mention it in what was a very slight posting. My own memories of the event, which I may yet post, are rather more trivial and less personal.

    Best wishes,

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