Crystal Skull

Last week was an interesting week for me and mine, so here’s the first of a few posts covering what went on.

The week opened with a whistle-stop visit to Glasgow and Edinburgh – a 48 hour pass sans kids. And my wife and I used the opportunity to check out the latest Indiana Jones movie.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was an enjoyable romp with the usual mix of thrills, spills and one-liners. The story was way over-the-top and so far out there that it spoiled things just a little bit. Still we’re talking Hollywood blockbuster here so I just let the attempt at a plot wash by me and enjoyed the fun.

In comparison to the other three films in the franchise this one is much more spectacular. Which is no surprise given how film-making has advanced (?) in the years since the preceding movie. But overall this film is just not as good as the others because its storyline is just too far out there. In the first three movies you could suspend your disbelief enough to accept their supernatural elements and enjoy the action. In this movie the supernatural was in your face right from the start and the plot relied too heavily on it – very much a case of over-egging the pudding.

Ah well, nevermind, it went well with the popcorn and fizzy pop!


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