I sometimes get so pissed off with the attitude of this country!

Last night there were more terrible images from Somalia where there is no rain, crops have failed, the people are starving and have to walk miles for clean water and to collect a pitiful portion of food-aid. Many of these people do not even have a home and many own nothing but the clothes on their backs. Civil war has been tearing their country apart for years and they have no government to turn to for aid. The international aid that they do receive is now being squeezed by the global increase in the price of oil and food. These poor people have been suffering in this way for years and there seems little hope that things will get better for them anytime soon.

And this morning, in the light of Sir Michael Pitt’s review, I see people in this country complaining about how they still haven’t gotten back into their homes following the floods last summer!

Of course it is difficult for those affected by the floods and, yes, by now they should all probably be back in their homes. And if I were in their position I’d no doubt have a few complaints too. But get a little perspective! You have a place to live. You have easy access to food and water. You do not live with the daily threat of being shot. Learn to deal with your own problems and appreciate the fact that there are millions of people who are much, much worse off than you are!

I also see that Zimbabwe is to face a UK cricket ban. Well whoop-de-bloody-doo that’ll really make Mugabe sit up and take notice! He’ll still be clinging to power, he’ll still be murdering his opponents but he won’t be able to watch his country play cricket!?! What a hardship that will be! And our government can now sit back and pat itself on the back, basking in the knowledge that it did something?

And the US will ignore the result of Friday’s election pantomime in Zimbabwe in part because Mugabe can’t claim the result is credible whilst his opponents are being killed. Well I just don’t think that credibility is a major concern for Mugabe right now. And you can bet that when the results are in (if not before) he’ll go right ahead and claim victory anyway.

Isn’t it time that we all stopped and looked over the top of the wall we’ve built for ourselves and took a proper look at what we’re allowing to happen on the other side of it?

I need perspective, ‘cos I’m facing the wall.
I need perspective, ‘cos I’m not that tall.
– Peter Gabriel


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