Running Free?

I’ve been having a bit of grief with Amazon over the last couple of days. According to an email I received from them, the Western Isles are not part of the UK but are an international location subject to various delivery restrictions.

This is a little surprising because unlike Stuart Hill from the island of Forvik in Shetland the Western Isles have not issued a Declaration of Dependence, nor have we established a breakaway vanguard in the fight for Scottish Independence or in any other way separated ourselves from the UK as a whole.

What surprises me even more is that I have bought many items from Amazon in recent years and never once come across this problem. CDs, DVDs, books, DVD players, toys, cameras to name but a few have all been bought and delivered to me without any bother. So what has changed? Well, nothing, so far as I can tell. It’s just that this time I decided to buy a pair of running shoes. And running shoes can’t be delivered to my post code – or to any of the post codes listed here. I couldn’t say how up-to-date that list is but it does look as if some of post codes listed are for mainland UK areas!

So, does anyone know of any international embargo on the sale of running shoes to the Western Isles of Scotland? Has some new EU treaty come into effect that I’m not aware of? Or are Amazon just exposing themselves as a shower of eejits, unable to read the plethora of UK maps that can be found for sale on their own site, all of which include the Western Isles?


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