The Ideal Height

The Euro 2008 page on BBC Sport was running a headline reading Classy Germany eliminate Portugal.

Having watched the game, I can’t really see how “classy” can be applied to the German’s performance. Their first goal was a cracker and it did involve some great team play. The other 2 goals came about as a result of poor defending by Portugal and the official’s complete failure to spot Ballack’s push on Ferreira. I also felt that the German’s tendency to fall over as if mortally wounded the instant a Portugese player glanced sideways at them nullifies any claim they might have to classiness. Ballack is especially guilty of this, and always has been, so I’ve never felt he deserves his status as a ‘great player’ – even though he does have his moments.

Overall, I thought that Portugal were the classy side with Bosingwa, Carvalho, Petit, Ronaldo, Deco and Simao all showing real flair and a deftness of touch when bringing the ball under control and laying off passes. So I felt the Portugese ran the show for most of the match. If only they were a taller side they could have made better use of their crosses, freekicks and corners.

I guess that Germany will now be considered as likely finalists and probable winners of the tournament. However it’s my feeling that the Dutch will be overall winners this time round. Their game against Russia on Saturday should be a cracker.


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