Fireside Song

Here are a couple of recent software releases to take note of.

  1. Firefox 3.0 is now available for download from It seems to be a bit nippier than its predecessor at least in terms of starting up and responding when multiple tabs are open. Hopefully it will be an improvement over the last version 2 release which I found was prone to hanging and occassionally swamping my PCs memory.
  2. Songbird 0.6 has also hit the streets and is available at Whilst still in development, this is very much an up and coming media player with support for multiple formats and devices. It is based on Firefox technology and includes a built in web browser and various other nice extras. It has a customisable media library and supports add ons, of which there are a growing number available. This release is also faster than its predecessor and, most importantly from my point of view, has much improved support for tagging of FLAC files – my lossless format of choice.

Both of these are applications I recommend as alternatives to the likes of IE7, Windows Media Player, and even iTunes – Songbird has iPod support! – though it’s fair to say that Songbird needs to mature a bit before I’d recommend making it your only media player.

Get Songbird

One thought on “Fireside Song

  1. Thanks for the kind words! We’re working hard to make Songbird ready to replace your favorite media player. We’ve set aside a portion of all future releases to address performance issues and we’re close to finishing work on the new media core. Meanwhile we’ve been hard at work planning our next release due out in a couple months.

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