That’s Entertainment???

I was reading about this fancy lamp and wind-chime combination on James Randi’s site the other day and it never ceases to amaze me the crap that people can be persuaded to buy in order to enhance their inner woo.

Read what it says about how this rather retro lamp is supposed to work and then read the medical disclaimer at the bottom of the same page.

This all sounds rather like the disclaimer that so called psychics, fortune-tellers, and the like, practicing in the UK are now required to display, i.e. that their performances are “for entertainment only” and that their claims are not “experimentally proven”!

Though I wonder if more explicit statements should be required. Perhaps something along the lines of:

Anything you are told during this psychic session will be so non-specific that it may just as easily be applied to your neighbour’s pet rabbit as to you! If you choose to believe and act upon anything you are told during this session then it is perhaps psychiatric help you require, rather than to waste your money on this vacuous claptrap, which is offered for your entertainment only!


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