Year Of The Knife

As the British public’s perception of knife crime as a problem increases, our Prime Minister is urging more prosecutions for youths found to be in possession of knives. Anyone who is found in possession of a knife should be prosecuted and as part of their rehabilitation should be required to see and experience the consequences of a knife attack first hand – perhaps by visiting an emergency room and watching as someone who has been stabbed is treated. Maybe that would shock some sense into them.

Of course, there are those who complain about the difficulties of prosecuting someone carrying a knife because they may have a legitimate reason for doing so. In fact there was a senior policeman on tv last night who spoke about this very thing, saying that someone might be carrying a knife because they’re going on a fishing trip and that this would make it difficult to prosecute them.

Well, how about this: if someone is carrying a knife and claims that they are carrying it because they are going fishing check (and this should be fairly easy) to see if they are also carrying a fishing rod, reel, line, a selection of hooks, floats, sinkers and bait. If they are, then they probably are on a fishing trip and should be allowed to continue on their merry way. If not, they’re fibbing and you should arrest and prosecute them (for carrying the knife not fibbing, obviously)!


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