As Good As Gold?

This post over on Pharyngula pointed me in the direction of the rather laughable Good Person Test. Why laughable? Well, try it for yourself and see.

By the time you’ve taken the first two questions it should be clear where things are headed as no matter what you do, the test will brand you a liar and a thief.

The third question condems everyone who has ever looked at another person with lust as an adulterer and the fourth reveals that anyone who has ever looked at anyone else in anger is a murderer – at least “according to God’s standard”. In the fifth question you’re asked if you’ve ever taken god’s name in vain – I’ll bet everyone who has taken this looney test has done just that!

So, we’re all lying, thieving, adulterous, murdering blasphemer’s then?

What utter shash!

I think we can all do without the kind of cretin who tries to lay this kind of heavy guilt trip on us. Especially when what they’re trying to do is encourage you to send for a free bible study!


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