I read this article on the BBC News site today and was instantly annoyed. It seems that the airy-fairy morons that populate such bodies as the John Muir Trust are determined to consign the population of the Western Isles to a slow death. They all seem to be against any kind of development here because of the impact on sites of scientific interest or the beautiful scenery. Yet at the same time they blather on about generating electricity closer to where it will be used in order to be more efficient. I also see from their web site that one of their main complaints against the Eisgen Estate wind farm, proposed by Beinn Mhor Power, is that it will have a negative impact on the sky-line as viewed from the Callanish Stones.

So what if we decided to build our own wind farm on the islands in order to generate electricty for our own use? Would they bitch and whine and try and block that? Yes, they bloody would! Because that’s what these organisations do. They do all that they can to block developments that they don’t like but never seem to make any positive or helpful alternative suggestions (unless it benefits their home area or pet hobby-horse).

Oil prices are continuing to climb, as are those of gas and electricity. So it seems that the only logical option is to move to sources of renewable energy. But what happens as soon as you try to make that switch? Some cretinous twat, who doesn’t live in the area concerned and quite possibly has never been there for more than a few days at a time, jumps up and says “No, you can’t do that! What about the scenery?”

I wonder what these airheads have to say about the increase in peat cutting that is taking place as islanders stock up on fossil fuel in an attempt to offset the costs of keeping their homes warm this coming winter? No doubt that will be damaging the moorland that they have never visited nor even seen! So will they be demanding that we stop cutting peat? They probably will.

I wish the whole damn lot of them would either just shut up or take a few of the brain enhancing drugs hitting the headlines today. Not that that would help, as I suspect that there isn’t one of them with a brain to enhance!



One thought on “Idio(t)cracy

  1. Since I still have my grand-dad’s peat-cutter, I think I have a right to comment here. 😉 As a true environmentalist, I am on your side. However, the real answer starts with efficiency – getting the best vapor control, insulation, insulated windows, and small fresh-air heat exchangers in place in the homes is the 90%. I know from experience what a difference it makes – here in the extreme cold climate in Northern Wisconsin, well above John Muir’s home town to the south, I have taken a 100 year-old farmhouse and reduced it’s heating load by a factor of 5. The proper work done on the building makes it very easy to heat with very little fuel, and lightens the electric load very significantly as well. Adding a solar hot-water panel, and doubling the attic insulation would probably reduce the heating load to 1/15th of the original. And since electric loads are tied strongly to heating equipment loads, the electricity saved is enormous!
    So save the peat for New Years, and best to you with getting a number of wind turbines up!

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