Last week the first of the UK’s UFO files were made available to the public. This is a topic which has always intrigued me so I popped over to National Archives UFO site for a look at what was available.

There are a handful of PDF files there which can be downloaded for free during the first month of publication. This initial free period will be applied to all future documents released as well – though I doubt I’ll be that interested in downloading any more.

A quick scan through the first set of documents shows that the UK government was only interested in assessing what it saw as a potential threat to our airspace and national security. And it is perhaps not surprising that they found no evidence of any real threat. They did find that the majority of UFO sightings are misidentifications of well known objects such as aircraft, stars, planets, etc as well as some which were identified as hoaxes and halucinations.

However, there remains a small percentage of sightings that cannot be readily explained – which will no doubt be enough to keep those who want to believe engaged for all time.

Given the size of the universe I reckon that ET is out there somewhere but is probably not surfing the skies anywhere near this planet. The problems associated with interstellar travel are probably so difficult to solve that any intelligent aliens out there will be using their time and resources for other things.


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