Further to my last post on the UEFA Cup Final, this disgraceful video clearly shows several hundred people, many clearly Rangers fans, chasing a group of 6 or 7 policemen before knocking one policeman to the ground and piling in to attach him.

Such behaviour is inexcusable and clearly demonstrates that there is an element amongst the Rangers support that does not deserve to be called fans.

It also demonstrates that, with support such as this, Rangers do not deserve the help they have been given by the SFA in extending the season to allow them a bit of extra breathing space to prepare for last night’s final.

What they do deserve is exclusion from European competition next year and dediction of points from their tally in the SPL this season. There will no doubt be some form of fine handed down by UEFA but such fines are generally not large enough to have any real meaning in such a cash rich sport. Denying clubs whose fans behave in this way access to the funds that European competition brings and penalising them domestically will actually hurt clubs in a way that they will have to take note of and respond to. It will also make the fans take note as well. How bad will the Rangers ‘fans’ who rioted last night feel if Rangers had 10 points deducted from their SPL tally, handing Celtic the title? If Rangers were also excluded from Europe next season allowing another SPL club the opportunity instead how much worse would the so called fans feel?

They’d certainly think twice about behaving like that in future if they knew their club would be punished in such a fashion. Of course that’s providing they haven’t all been turned into an interesting form of street decoration by those fans who conducted themselves properly last night.


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