We Got The Right

In Uist and Barra the populace have access to their sports centres 7 days a week. In Lewis and Harris we do not share that privilege. This creates an imbalance in the level of service provided by our local council which is unjustifiable in light of pleas such as the one made by Dr. David Rigby, the Chairman of the Western Isles Health Board’s Coronary Heart Disease Managed Clinical Network. It is also an infringement of the rights of the population of Lewis and Harris.

The local council claims that there reasons for keeping the sports centres closed is not religiously based. I suspect that it is, at least in part, as some councillors are church-goers and others are afraid of offending members of the community who are church-goers – I imagine because of the impact on their seat in the next election.

As with Sunday sailings of the ferry, we should have the right to choose whether or not we use these services – paid for with our money whether raised by the council tax or taxes raised by the overnment in Westminster – irrespective of any concern over one’s religion or one’s seating arrangements.

That’s why I signed the online petition asking for Sports Centres [to be] open 7 days a week in Lewis & Harris. I urge anyone who reads this post to do the same.


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