Did It For The Money

As those who inhabit this nook within the blogosphere will know: Tesco is coming to Stornoway.

Most of the people I’ve spoken to about this see the arrival of a major supermarket in the islands as a good thing. A very good thing! There are some rumblings about Sunday openings and Sunday licenses from the usual quarters but what’s important is that we should see a better range of food available and at better prices than we have previously. Good old fashioned competition!

Of course, our other major supermarket views this somewhat differently. The Co-op clearly view the arrival of Tesco as a threat. So much so that on one hand they’re bombarding us with adverts reminding as about how good they’ve been to us over the years and as a result where we should be placing our loyalty. What about the other hand? Well, with that they’re putting up their in store prices across the board in order to screw us for as much as they can boost their profits before Tesco arrives.

Naughty Co-op!

Now I know where the Co-op’s loyalty lies (with ye olde pounde sterlinge) you can all probably guess where I won’t be shopping over the next few weeks. I hope that the few remaining independent local retailers on the islands will see an uptake in sales as other shoppers vote with their wallets.


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