Blake’s 7

Word has it that Blake’s 7 is set for a 21st century makeover. I was a big fan of the series when it first aired, shaky sets and all. So this sounds like an interesting development – especially as I recently watched the DVD release of all 4 series. But I reckon it’ll only work if they stick with the approach of the original and use characters and plot to drive the story rather than today’s flashy CGI trickery.

I’m guessing that a revisit to the mythos won’t pick up where the original left off – with everyone bar the very cool but at times dubious Avon dead – perhaps the ultimate cliff-hanger ending? But maybe it will shed a little light on who the blaster fire that could be heard during the end credits was aimed at. I always hoped that it was Kerr Avon doing the shooting and dispensing with the Federation troops who surrounded him but the reality was no doubt the opposite.


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