Expelled Exposed

I sat and watched the extended trailer for what looks like it’d be the most mind-numbing (and dumbing) movie ever made. I’m referring to Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and you can find the trailer on Youtube – no way I’m providing a direct link to that shash, you’ll have to find it yourself!

Anyhoo, apart from the fact that Ben Stein’s nasal drone could be used instead of general anesthesia there were a couple of things that struck me as underlining how feeble an attempt at promoting creationism intelligent design and discrediting Darwin that the full movie is likely to be.

In Stein’s worldview evolutionists believe life is the result of “mud animated by lightning” – a total trivialisation and incorrect summation of the various theories of Abiogenesis, focused particularly on the Miller-Urey experiment. His intent when using that phrase being to infer that science is not only wrong but also absurd. However the biblical story, which Stein appears to literally believe, tells how man was created from dust animated by “the breath of life”?!? So surely by these exacting standards Stein’s assertion (and that of his creationist buddies) is equally absurd?

One of the main premises of this movie seems to be how ‘scientists’ who dare to voice their support of creationism intelligent design and to “question Darwinism” are systematically attacked and unfairly criticised. Stein goes on to say that this is because we are living in the age of Darwin and how such treatment would never have taken place in the ages of Galileo and Einstein. Hang on, Darwin (1809-1882) was dead and gone long before Einstein (1879-1955) started his illustrious scientific career. So surely the age of Darwin predates that of Einstein? It would seem accuracy is not a strong suit amongst those involved with this so-called documentary.

I could score more points based solely on the content of this extended trailer but it’d be a waste of time. There are plenty of others who have already shot down the whole movie and you can find a whole list of these here on the Expelled Exposed web site. If you are interested in the realities of scientific endeavour and enquiry then that is a much better place to start than Ben Stein’s movie.


One thought on “Expelled Exposed

  1. I wish an analogous documentary film was made concerning the DINOGLYFS or dinolits:

    It seems that the ancient man not only saw but also documented the last megafauna (gigafauna, I should say).

    Bruce Alberts it was who first accepted from his post as the president of the National Academy of Sciences USA that the biological machinery can be called as such, machinery, without asserting to metaphora. He gave the students that license in 1998. Other animations on the tiny cellular machineries apart from the Expelled movie can be seen in here:

    Anyway: It is interesting that it is the People of the Book who once more are the initiative spectators who have the balls to question the ambient amen and go against the loudy majority. Not the first time. Here’s some statistics and charts regarding the success of the Jews in science and technological innovations when the others were too stubborn to change their minds:

    This conference poster of mine shows how profoundly the continental, Haeckelian type of evolutionism drived not only the racial World War II but also the nationalistic World War I:

    Biochemist, drop-out (Master of Sciing)

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