Crime Against The World

How has our society become one in which two men can subject a teenage boy to a terrible ordeal that culminates in drowning and walk away from court with sentences of five and a half years?

If the British legal system (police, judges, and government) consider that the actions of these men constitute manslaughter then our legal system has failed.

These two men are guilty of murder! They may not have pulled a trigger or struck with a knife but their actions directly caused the death of their victim. So what if the kid they killed had taken a bike belonging to one of them? Using sticks, stones, and a body of water they took the law into their own hands and executed a death sentence.

It is long past time that the lawmakers in this country (and in others) stopped and took a long, critical look at the laws as currently established. Until that is done and the balance is tilted back to a victim-centric view that is less concerned with the rights of such barbaric slime as committed this crime, this country will continue to be plagued by such horrific acts of lawlessness.


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