The Quacktitioner Royal

I’ve taken a swipe or two at Prince William recently now it’s time to have a go at his father. Actually, I’ll just link to someone else’s dismemberment of The Quacktitioner Royal and add that I completely agree: the Prince Of Wales is a dangerous and meddlesome fool and his promotion of alternative therapies is ill-conceived and utterly irresponsible.

These alternative treatments may well prove to have a place in our surgerys and hospitals but there seems to be little, if any, evidence to date that shows they are genuinely effective. Until such time it is wrong to promote them as viable alternatives. Anyone who does so without the benefit of either evidence or any real knowledge of their application should be censured – even if they do happen to have HRH before their name!

By the way, I love that title: The Quacktitioner Royal. It just suits him so well!


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