Storm Clouds

I suspect this may all be a storm in a teacup as I don’t think Rangers will beat Fiorentina to reach the UEFA Cup final. However, any percieved advantages or disadvantages aside, it would be wrong of the SFA to extend the SPL season by any number of days should Rangers beat Fiorentina.

It was known when this season started that either Celtic, Rangers or Aberdeen could have made it to a European final meaning they’d end up with extra games to play. It should also be expected – this is Scotland, not known for its temperate climate – that the weather would lead to postponed games. It was also known that additional schedule problems could arise as a result of Motherwell and Gretna sharing a pitch this season. The SFA must also have been aware of the impact their catering for the national teams’ games would have. Perhaps they are therefore at fault for not aiming for a later end to the season to begin with?

The only thing that could not have been anticipated was the tragic death of Phil O’Donnell. This sad event and the fixture cancellations that ensued is the only good reason that I can think of for extending the season but I suspect that is not what Phil O’Donnell or any other footballer would want.

I believe that the existing fixture list should be retained and that the season should finish on May 18 as originally planned. If that poses a problem for any team it is too bad. I don’t think the SPL season has ever been extended to cater for a team’s progress in a European competition. Why should an exception be made for Rangers now – even if Gordon Smith is Chief Executive of the SFA [he said without a trace of cynicism]?


One thought on “Storm Clouds

  1. The league has actually been extended on a number of occasions: for Dundee United in 1987 and three times for Celtic during the 1970s. But nothing helps your case as much as twisting the facts!

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