Playing The Game

Last night’s Champion’s League game between Liverpool and Chelsea was an entertaining affair – despite Riise’s last minute howler. I thought Liverpool were the better side and will probably be good enough to do what is needed in the second leg and move on to the final.

Aside from some pretty decent football, we viewers were also treated to as dazzling an individual performance as I have ever seen. Didier Drogba threw himself about the pitch as if it were a medieval battlefield. He dropped to the ground at the slightest contact and frequently rolled around is if recently dettached from one or more limbs.

At one point the commentator, Clive Tyldsley, remarked about Drogba looking injured but that this wasn’t too much of a cause for concern because Drogba is known for his “dramatic powers of recovery”. That phrase would have been more accurate had he simply said that Drogba was known for his dramatic powers!


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