Learning To Fly

I guess that Prince William must have been given the RAF as a present for his last birthday.

The fact that he was given permission to land a Chinook helicopter in a field close to his girlfriend’s house clearly shows that his royal status is earning him ludicrous favours at the UK tax payer’s expense. Nevermind that he has also been allowed to use a Chinook to ferry himself and his little brother to a stag weekend.

What other RAF pilot is granted permission to show off in front of his girlfriend whilst at the controls of a multi-million pound piece of military hardware?

How can anyone take the award of William’s wings seriously – even as some kind of familiarisation – when his ‘training’ is structured to allow him to take a skiing holiday during the same period?

What kind of Commander-in-Chief could he possibly make with no real military experience? Even if that is only a figruehead type position.

Frankly I’d rather see Homer Simpson in charge of our military!

Wouldn’t all the money that is being so criminally wasted on giving the royals their jollies be better spent on such things as eduacation? The health service? Or helping out those who are being adversely affected by the scrapping of the 10p income tax rate?


One thought on “Learning To Fly

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