Vote Brand X

What an amazing set of tactics for ensuring you win an election:

  • Refuse to publish the results once the initial ballot is over.
  • Despite failing to reveal the results, demand a recount.
  • Continue to refuse to reveal the results because there are “anomalies”.
  • Accuse your main opponent of treason (again!) and drag the head of state of a different country into play because it’s all his fault.
  • Refuse to release the results because the unofficial results indicate that a run-off is called for.
  • Intimidate voters and anyone who might stand against you in preparation for the run-off.
  • Arrest anyone you don’t like the look of just because you can.

Despite being an ass, you have to concede that Robert Mugabe has cast-iron balls the size of planets.

Or maybe it’s that his are soft and squishy, just like every other bloke, and he’s terrified the rest of the world is about to kick them with enough force to launch him out of his playpen.

The ongoing delay in releasing the official results says all that needs to be said: Mugabe lost and is just a nasty little bully determined to cling to power no matter what.


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