Spirits In The Material World?

I was pleased to see on the news this morning that new EU rules are going to make life hard for so called mediums and spiritualists.

It is about time that these charlatans were treated as the frauds that they undoubtedly are. For too long they have been able to claim that they are in contact with the spirits of the deceased and to give people (often very vulnerable people) ‘advice’ based on what the medium has been ‘told’ by the spirit. They have also been able to take money for providing this “service”. All this without being required to provide any empirical evidence in support of their claimed ‘psychic’ ability. Of course, the reality is that there is no such evidence at all because their claims and practices are sheer quackery! Nonsense!

Spiritualists claim that the new rules are unfair because “it’s turning spiritualism the religion into a consumer product, which it is not.”

Well in that case spiritualists should stop accepting payment in return for their ‘advice’. Yeah, yeah, spiritualists say they don’t accept payment, they accept ‘donations’. Rubbish! They give their ‘advice’, their hands are crossed with silver (or whatever the current baloney is) ergo a financial transaction takes place in exchange for a commodity (in this case some highly dubious information). So, they either have to prove the validity of their claim and demonstrate that their client is receiving value for money – i.e. that the spiritualist has actually obtained guidance from the spirit world and that the information thus obtained is accurate (or that it comes true in the case of a prediction).

With all this in mind, I say it’s time for spiritualists, psychics, mediums, (cranks!), whatever, to either put up or shut up. Give us evidence-based proof of your claims and stop hiding behind blather and mumbo-jumbo. Otherwise shut your stalls, pack your bags, and stop taking advantage of the naive and vulnerable!

In the unlikely event that you can provide such proof, you should still stop taking people’s money! Instead use your ‘gift’ to help people without seeking financial gain and wait to accept the reward for your good deeds when you pass humbly into the afterlife!


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