The Musical Box

I’ve been listening to a rather tasty Genesis concert (from the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, 24.01.1975) on Wolfgang’s Vault today. It’s rumoured to be one of the few (possibly even the only) professional recording from the Lamb tour – Peter Gabriel’s last with the band. The quality of this recording, even as streamed from Wolfgang’s Vault is very good – which makes sense as the recording was made for radio broadcast by The King Biscuit Flower Hour.

As well as streamed free concerts the Vault offers a selection of concerts which you can buy in DRM-free  256K mp3 format. Unfortunately, this Genesis show is not available for sale (nor are the handful of other Genesis shows on the site). Maybe that will change in the future, which would be good as I’d certainly like a copy of this show (and the other ones too no doubt). Shows that are available to buy include concerts by The Alarm, Big Country, Deep Purple, Iggy Pop, Kansas, Mahavishnu Orchestra, UFO, Uriah Heep and Warren Zevon to name just a few.

Well worth a visit, even if all you’re looking for is some background music as you pass the working day.


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