The Second Hand

As a follow on to my previous post, it’s worth reading what Feargal Sharkey has to say in an article titled Home copying – burnt into teenage psyche.

It shows just how little has changed in 30 years despite the attempts of the music industry to try and curb home taping which, when I was a lad, was accused of killing music. I guess it’s fair to say that the music industry got that wrong as music is still very much alive and well!

But the thing is that as a result of taping friend’s LPs, CDs, and stuff off the radio, I’ve probably bought more music than I would have otherwise. For me and a lot of my mates you got a tape of someone’s latest album listened to it and, if you liked it, went out and bought your own copy of the album. You then re-used the tape by getting another mate to tape something else for you. If you got a recording of something and didn’t like it, you just re-used the tape straight away. If it hadn’t been for this method, I hate to think how much musical dross would be choking the shelves and cupboards of my house!


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