Vital Signs

And continuing in the vein of political incorrectness, go and sign the petition for a Sunday Ferry Service for the Western Isles.

Even if you are a Christian, perhaps especially if you are, you should sign the petition. This is not about attending church, protecting tradition or defending religious beliefs, it is about equal rights and freedom of choice – matters which are close to the heart of all. It is up to the individual to choose whether or not they travel on a Sunday, or on any other day, in the same way as it is up to the individual to decide about their religious belief or lack of it. Faith does not grant the right to deny choice to others so we must all have the choice to travel freely be it for a holiday, to visit family and friends, attend a funeral, or to attend church in Ullapool!

More importantly this is also about ensuring an economic future for the Western Isles and encouraging families to remain here. Take a look at the comments made by those who have already signed the petition and you will see that these two reasons are the most frequently stated in support of a Sunday ferry! Are those who would deny choice on religious grounds really so mean-spirited that they would wish to see these desires denied?


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