I see that Iain is attempting the tricky task of reducing his online footprint. I’ve had a go at this a few times and I always find it starts to creep back up – though I have now ditched various social networking sites where my presence amounted to nothing more than a default registration from signing on just to see what these sites offered. Now the only one I can be bothered with is MySpace, which is useful for keeping tabs on what is happening with bands that I’m into.

Anyway, Iain also mentioned that he’s looking for a way to manage bookmarks online. Well, if you use Firefox then a useful add-on is Foxmarks, which does just that and does it very well. I’ve been using it for quite a while now and have easy access to the same set of bookmarks both at home and in the office.


One thought on “Markers

  1. Hi Alex,

    yes, it’s an ongoing pruning operation; you cut back here and here and find that over time it’s sprouted further there and there. I’ve so many online registrations now, I’m wondering if I should try making use of

    I’m just saving my Myspace Friends pages as Favorites and then unfriending them (which always feels horrible!), then I’ll close my account down (not sure how easy that will be, remembering your Facebook experience; LastFM was pretty straightforward, though). I was very poor at checking my Myspace messages, so signing up for emails for info on free downloads, gigs, etc is the way I’m going.

    Thanks for the Firefox suggestion; another friend suggested the Firefox route too (he mentioned Browser Sync, done via Google; I don’t know if that’s a different add-on to Foxmarks). Overcoming the inertia of changing browser again (I’m – more significantly, we’re – on Safari at home now) is one thing, making sure with work that they will let me install Firefox is another (on IE there – here, as I write – of course), but I’ll look into it.

    And thanks too for the CD cataloguing tips – I did delve through the older pages and find them! My own fault for tagging the question onto an unconnected blog comment rather than trying to find an email address for you which I must have somewhere.

    Nice header pic too – either it’s from an angle I’m not used to seeing it from, or you’ve cropped above the houses, but the treetops look good. I liked the beach stones one too; could be any number of the beaches at home, of course, but reminded me of the one at Garenin where we were last summer.

    Hope all’s well with you all,
    best wishes,

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