Sea Of Madness

I see that once again a high placed member of the Catholic church is betraying his ignorance of science and indulging in a bit of blatant scaremongering as part of his Easter address.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien says the following of Gordon Brown:

He is promoting a bill allowing scientists to create babies whose sole purpose will be to provide, without consent of anyone, parts of their organs or tissues.

He is promoting a bill which will sanction the raiding of dead people’s tissue to manufacture yet more embryos for experimentation.

He is promoting a bill which denies that a child has a biological father, allows tampering with birth certificates, removing biological parents, and inserting someone altogether different.

And this bill will indeed be used to further extend the abortion laws.

This is a complete misrepresentation of the science involved and also of what the bill in question intends to provide. Were I to stand in public and make these statements I would be accused of lying. But hey, one man’s lie is another man’s propaganda!

From this BBC report I also see that Gordon Brown is being asked to allow MPs to vote according to their beliefs. I take it that this means their religious beliefs. Well, I feel that anyone who votes according to their beliefs has no place in government. They should be voting based solely on the facts of the matter and whether or not the bill (any bill) has merit by being of benefit to their constituency or to the country as a whole. They do not work in a church, nor do they represent any god or creed. Who they do represent are the people of this country, many of whom suffer from the conditions that could be helped by science were this bill to be passed. As far as I am concerned, their needs are more important than anything this over-dressed and under-informed Cardinal says or represents.



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